General preparation of polenta

For 1 kg of corn meal, take 3.5 liters water. The amount of water varies with the desired strength of the polenta.

Bring salted water to a boil, also provide a second pot of boiling water.

Stir in the corn meal into the salt water and stir constantly. Each time the polenta thickens admit a drop of hot water. Cook on lowest heat 45 to 60 minutes. Always stir again and if necessary add small amounts of hot water.

You can keep the polenta wrapped in a dishcloth and stored in the refrigerator.

Polenta with gorgonzola

Polenta with gorgonzola / Polenta mit Gorgonzola / polenta al gorgonzola

Ingredients for 20 person / Zutaten für 20 Personen

  • 1500 g   corn semolina / Maisgrieß
  • 5,25 l   water / Wasser
  • 750 g   butter / Butter
  • 750 g   gorgonzola, diced / Gorgonzola, gewürfelt
  • salt / Salz
  • parmesan, fresh grated / Parmesan, frisch gerieben


Make a firm polenta as described above.

Oven 180 °C. Fill the polenta on a high baking sheet or in portions into ovenproof bowls. In the center of each portion push in slightly and place a piece of butter and a slice of gorgonzola. Bake in the oven until butter and gorgonzola are melted. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve immediately.